Product description

  • The PMC-1304-3 is the ideal embedded equipment for connecting RS-422 or RS-485 enabled serial devices to an IP-based LAN, making it possible for SCADA or other applications to access serial devices over a LAN for monitoring and control applications.
  • The PMC-1304-3 has been specifically designed with industrial automation in mind and therefore provides un-surpassed performance and reliability under the harshest industrial environments.
  • The basic Model, PMC-1304-3-T, provides Modbus Gateway function from Modbus TCP to RTU and supports interrogation from multiple Modbus Masters.
  • The optional RTU Model, PMC-1304-3-R, provides Modbus Mastering capability with local data caching and logging to enhance overall system performance and redundancy.
  • Not only does the RTU Model support the polling of Real-Time data, it also supports the uploading of Data Logs, Event Logs and Waveform Logs for CET devices that provide these advanced capabilities.