Product description


  • High accuracy measurement of kWh, kvarh, & kVAh
  • Maximum demand registration of kW, kvar & kVA
  • Instrumentation of voltage, current, power, power factor & harmonics
  • Time of Use (TOU) control with flexible programming for up-to 8 tariffs
  • 2 configurable load profiles with recording of >= 450 days at 60’ interval
  • 4 event logs with configurable power quality or tampering events
  • High quality 8 or 11-digit LCD display with large characters & backlight
  • Internal real-time clock (RTC) with super capacitor and backup battery
  • Supports DLMS, IEC 62056-21, or MODBUS communication protocols
  • Encapsulation type meter casing design for reliability and security
  • Replaceable backup battery for meter reading without power


  • AMR ready w/ hot-pluggable internal GPRS, Wi-Fi, or Ethernet module
  • Local communication options: Optical port, RS485, RS232, PLC, RF
  • Dural source measurement and registration
  • Sub-meter reading via RS485 and data aggregation features
  • STS certified prepayment mode with tokens or contactless smart card
  • Remote or local firmware upgrade support

Product Catalog